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The Guide to Core Stability

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The profession of Polarity Therapy is autonomous, self-regulating, and holistic.  Its scope of practice includes energetic approaches to somatic contact, verbal facilitation, nutrition, exercise, and health education.

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Welcome to the pages for

Graham D Whiteman RPE - Registered Polarity Therapy Educator

The Guide to Core Stability

Working for over 20 years in the South and South West of England and New Zealand, now living in Charmouth West Dorset. Polarity Therapy Training in the UK.

This is an amazing relaxing type of Massage, a Polarity Therapy Massage, using Polarity Techniques.   Graham's work involves the use of Polarity Therapy as a modality for healing the client's body, mind, and soul.  Graham is fully qualified and trained in Polarity Therapy with Masterworks International. This amazing work was developed by

Dr. Randolph Stone who wroteThe Mystic Bible’ + 2 collected vols on Polarity Therapy.

  The Results of Polarity Therapy may include profound relaxation, relief from hypertension and anxiety attacks and an understanding of energy patterns and their implications for optimum health and well-being.

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Benefits of Polarity

Relief from the following

Leg pain and Back Pain

Anxiety and or Post Traumatic stress

General fatigue

Physical and mental stress    

Plus more ..................

Graham's interest in healing extends to ?

Dr Randolph Stone

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What is Polarity Therapy?

A therapy for all, Completely Holistic and

100% Natural, possibly the most complete system of healing

If you are interested in the Polarity Therapy Training and Courses in the UK  Certification by the UKPTA

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What is Neutral Space?

Facebook Image for Polarity Therapy Air Water Ether Fire Earth Polarity Therapy information Ether or Neutral Space Earth Element - Neutral Space relaxation and Polarity Therapy Fire Element - Polarity Therapy and Neutral Space Facebook Link for Graham Whiteman Water and Nutrition one of the Pillars of Polarity Therapy The Importance of Water and Polarity Therapy

The importance of WATER.

See articles about water and Health

“Water forms a major part of our blood, lubricates our joints and eyes,.................” read more

Graham is Chair of the Polarity Therapy Association - UKPTA

2023 -

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Polarity Elements Address, Links for Graham Whiteman Polarity Therapy Air Element - Polarity Therapy and Neutral Space Relaxation Water Element - Polarity therapy and Neutral Space Twitter and Graham Whiteman - Neutral Space Relaxation We have on these Web site pages information on Polarity and Energy Healing, but the  Experience of the session is Key Relaxing Bodywork Session

Energy Medicine

See what people say:

 "This produces a feeling of well-being where your body is in harmony with itself and you are more able to tackle the physical and mental rigours of everyday life."

"Graham is a "Master" at working with energies ....."

“more specifically, the past event in my life has been removed from the forefront of my mind to an event which happened but which is no longer a problem”.

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